Monday, September 13, 2010

Fretzie Bercede , Pilipinas Win Na Win Guesting, Sept. 4, 2010

Look:  Summery Natural Look

I never thought I could buy a Kryolan foundation.
I wanted to get one since the day I heard about it.
It was during the basic make up artistry class that
our professor introduced the brand to us.  I also found out
that it was a brand that many of our top local make up
artists & female celebrities use.  This really made me
want to get it more.  I checked if we have Kryolan here.
And we do have- 3/F, Unit T03, Il Terrazzo, 305 Tomas Morato
cor . Scout Madrinan Street, Quezon City Philippines.
Phone:  +63 2/332 4211.
The problem was it may be a bit pricey for me (the cheap
person that I am hehe).  But I was still able to get a palette
not so long ago when they had a promo sale.

Foundation:  Kryolan Ultrafoundation (Fair Olive & LO)

I remember the first time I did the make up of PBB Teens
3rd Big Placer,Fretzie Bercede, for the Manila Bulletin
Students & Campus Section.  She was w/ the rest of the PBB Teens
2010 Big 6.  The first ever eye shadow product I used for her
was the Revlon Skinlights Color Lighting for eyes &
cheeks (Terra).  For me, it was really flattering
on her eyes.  It appeared natural yet glam.

*Manila Bulletin Students & Campus Section behind the scenes shot

Eye Shadow:  Revlon Skinlights Color Lighting for eyes & cheeks (Terra)
*the Revlon Skinlights Color Lighting is a limited edition eye & cheek product which can't be bought in any local stores anymore.  You can email me if you are interested of getting a brand new one and will try to get some.

I admit that I did not buy the whole Face to Face Make Up set
that my make up school encouraged us to get for the whole
Basic Make Up Artistry Course.  But I do admit that there
are a few products that help me achieve the look I want.  Until now,
I would still use the chocolate brown foundation of Face to Face
for shading or contouring.  I'm more of a creme-type fan when it comes
to contouring products.

Contouring / Shading Creme:  Face To Face Foundation Creme Compact (CU7)

I just bought this two or three weeks ago.  I have this in color
Gold & Violet.  Why did I decide to get the black one for
Eye lining purposes?  Because a fellow make up artist
told me that it never smudged even after 3 major emotional
moments of her cousin during a debut celebration. Plus, it's cheap.

Eye Liner:  Maybelline Eye Studio 2 in 1 Impact Shadow Liner (Black)

You will always find a Maybelline waterproof mascara in my
make up kit.  It will always be one of the best brands when it
comes to mascara.

Mascara:  Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara (Black)

Blush:  Revlon Matte Blush (#002)

Any stylish girl can survive the fashion world with 2 shades
of matte lipstick (dark & light) & a clear gloss.  You can either
wear it matte or glossy.  For glossy look, you just have to
put on a little clear gloss on top of the middle area of both
the upper & the lower lip.

Lipstick:  Revlon Matte Lipstick (#002)

Overall Look

*photo courtesy:  Bretzie supporters

Fretzie in the Win Na Win dressing room pics



  1. ..Wow! Fretzie looks so pretty as her summery look sir eman..and her lipcolor is gorgeous! I think i ought to buy myself a it much!

    btw po,have you seen Heart Evangelista's eyebrows?i think it would suit fretzie's face nicely..try it po next time..and try the lipstick shade that Andi Eigenmann is so fond of wearing,the really pink one,fretzie is fair-skinned,it will look gorgeous on her for sure

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